Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Fire Hazard

Hazard sat on the couch in his apartment. From here he could just about make out the sound of the fire alarm out in the corridor.
            “Jeeze, that’s not very alarming,” he thought to himself and carried on watching ‘The Simpsons’.  Little did Hazard know, as he sat engulfed on the couch that the apartments in his block were evacuating the building. The fire alarm did little to ignite any interest of his, not even a spark. He was far too consumed with Springfield’s dysfunctional family to pay any heed. This was typical of young Hazard’s behaviour, whose high notions and aspirations of himself were difficult to extinguish. In his mind he was gorgeous and handsome, fit to be famous; his picture would one day hang in the hall of flame. This blaze of glory was too ‘cool’ to participate in a silly fire drill.
            Outside onlookers watched as the building went up in flames.  Johnny searched around him but could not see Hazard amongst the group of people! He looked towards Hazard’s apartment and caught a glimpse of him. Waving his arms he shouted:
            “Fire Hazard, Fire Hazard.” Unfortunately, through the window Hazard’s face showed no sense of rec-ignition.  Johnny was not in his line of fire.
            “What are those flaming idiots doing down there?” Hazard posed the question as he looked out his window. He gazed down among the blazing commotion below. A rapid smile spread across his face as he tried to make light of the situation. People were shouting and roaring at each other, things seemed to be getting a little hot and steamy. Hazard decided to go down to see what all the fuss was about. He bolted down the fire exit only to look behind him and see his apartment engulfed in thick black smoke.

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