Sunday, 2 November 2014

Why You Should Watch America Horror Story

A persuasive article on why the world should watch American Horror Story, including you.

American Horror Story: Freakshow (Season 4) premiered on Ocotber 8th on FX.

Each new season brings with it a new horror story set in America.

The first season is based on the story of a haunted house, the second in an insane asylum, the third is about a witch’s coven in modern-day Salem and the latest follows a circus freakshow.

Unlike other T.V. shows, storylines don’t get exhausted and characters don’t become dull; which may mean that, perhaps, it will go on forever, or at least until its producers run out of scary stories.

The fact that each season is also a unit in itself means that if you don’t like one season you can skip and still enjoy the next; however, it’s rare for someone not to like this T.V. programme, even if horror and gore are not your thing.

Once you get past the ‘scariness ‘of the series, a.k.a become desensitised, the storylines are brilliantly written and will keep you enthralled. This T.V. series is not like the average ‘scary’ movie you see in the cinema, with. And again, each series deals with a different type of ‘scary’, from ghosts, to serial killers, witches to the supernatural.

The strength of this T.V. series is firstly, its characters and secondly, the actors that play their parts. Actors from previous seasons are ‘recycled’ in new seasons. It is interesting to see them play different roles and sometimes they come across so different to their previous part you do not recognize them for a few episodes in.

For example, in the first season of American Horror Story, Murder House, Jessica Lange won three awards for her role as Constance Langdon, the lady who lives next door to the haunted house. In the second season, Asylum, she played the character of Sister Judy ‘Jude’ Martin. 

It was in this season of Asylum that actress, Sarah Paulson shone through and was awarded, Best Supporting Actress at the Third Critics’ Awards and in the third season of American Horror Story, Coven, she would get the role of Cordellia  Foxx, ‘mother’ of the coven.

Two episodes in and American Horror Story: Freakshow seems as delightful as the others.  With Lange starring as Elsa Mars, the lady who runs the freakshow,  Sarah Paulson playing the characters of Bette and Dot Tottler who are  Siamese twins  and the familiar face of Evan Peters acting as Jimmy Darling, there seems to be plenty of treats ahead.

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